Cheryl Wills, MD, DFAPA


I am campaigning to represent the Midwest Region, American Psychiatric Association (APA)  Area 4, on the APA Board of Trustees. I am seeking your support and guidance as I strive to run a vibrant and informative campaign. 


I have a campaign statement that focuses on my three areas of professional interest:


  • Forensic psychiatry - Risk reduction and harm avoidance,  including safe practice, litigation reduction, reducing psychiatrist burnout, simplifying Maintenance of Certification, and enhancing access to proactive collaborative mental health care services for our patients.


  • Developmentally informed policy development - We and our patients are or were once children. Developmental considerations should be an essential part of  crafting any policy or position statement that propels psychiatry forward in the 21st century.


  • Subspecialty and regional considerations - The Assembly Committee of Representatives of Subspecialties and Sections, ACROSS,  is a dynamic and  and growing group in the APA Assembly that represents the interests of more than 14,000 psychiatrists in 17 subspecialties, regions and areas of special interest. We review matters that are salient to specific ACROSS member groups and common to many. Like in ACROSS, I will strive to listen to APA members and to present their concerns to the Board for consideration as the APA promulgates policies and practices in the 21st century.

My peers have elected me one of the best psychiatrists in Cleveland for the past three years. My skillset as a general, child and forensic psychiatrist and my clinical, administrative and consultative experiences will serve me well as I represent your interests and concerns to the APA Board of Trustees. It's time for a change.


Please join me as I endeavor to become your representative on the APA  Board of Trustees. I am interested in growing from your wisdom during this process and would appreciate your support. Thank you for your consideration.




Cheryl D. Wills, M.D.

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