Cheryl Wills, MD, DFAPA

Serving on the American Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees has offered me opportunities to expand my directorial skillset and to broaden the scope of our Association’s national agenda. My reelection campaign, therefore, has two key points in its platform.  

  • Members Matter:

As a member-driven organization, the APA Board of Trustees should use members’ concerns to inform most, if not all, deliberations.

To that end, transparency and communication must improve to include more member engagement.

  • Advocacy to Improve Access to Care:  

Achieving health equity requires us to grow the psychiatry workforce while addressing the effects of systemic bias and climate change on mental health and healthcare outcomes.


        I support advocating for:

  • expanding loan forgiveness opportunities for psychiatrists working in physician shortage areas; requiring medical board supervision of all prescribing mental health professionals, and a national public service campaign that describes the educational and licensing requirements of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, so that the public will know in which direction to turn for help

  • increasing reimbursement for psychiatric services, parity for telepsychiatry services, and simplifying maintenance of certification

  • supporting International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who comprise 30% of practicing psychiatrists in the USA. Many IMGs contribute to health equity by practicing in the public sector. They are an important part of the psychiatry workforce and reduce the rate of professional burnout for psychiatrists.  



My skillset as a general, child and adolescent, and forensic psychiatrist, including my clinic, administrative and consultative experiences, has served me well for 2.5 years on the APA Board of Trustees. Please support my endeavor to continue my work there. I welcome your feedback and appreciate your consideration. 




Cheryl D. Wills, M.D., D.F.A.P.A.